Who We Are

Dedicated to a culture that embraces individuality, we’re accelerating the use of virtual care, making high-quality healthcare a reality for more people and organizations around the world. As one of the leaders in the telemedicine/telehealth industry, we have invested in technology and staffing to offer smooth and functional virtual care delivery in different locations in the USA. Our goal-driven technique and analytics-driven services deliver industry-leading utilization and satisfaction, speeding up the adoption of virtual care. 

What We Do

  • Unrivaled Access to Quality Care

With a dependable platform, Breezefast serves as one of the leaders in telehealth company in USA, currently serving California, Florida, New York.

  • The Breadth of Diverse Clients 

From the biggest multinational employers to patients in the USA, Breezefast has a proven track record of solving people’s medical problem through our online platform.  

  • Serving People Everywhere

We have joined the combined capabilities and global market presence of our consumer experience to create a comprehensive virtual care solution capable of serving firms and people everywhere. 

  • Proven Utilization and Value

Breezefast is fast-tracking the adoption of virtual care. We are committed to providing a valuable impact in the telehealth industry. 

Why choose us

Change Makers

From the beginning to the end, Breezefast has disrupted the traditional way patients receive care. Innovation is at the heart of our daily discussions and we hire people who offer value. If you’re a change maker, let’s reshape healthcare together.