Weight loss

Weight loss

Our weight loss program is personalized and it’s a multistep approach. We all know that weight loss is very challenging and there’s no quick fix.
It involves dedication, commitment, and little help from our doctors.

We will provide you with a healthy meal plan that best fits your need, and medication to help augment your plan.

We encourage to schedule intermittent follow up sessions to discuss your progress and see if we need to make changes to your plan.

Our Doctor on Demand Medical Services

Virtual doctor on-demand service is here, and Breezefast Medical can deliver it to patients. 

With our online program, you can take advantage of our brand of reliable telemedicine service with access to 24-hour doctor access, online video and chat solutions, online clinic insurance, and more. 

Our video chat doctor services are convenient and affordable, allowing you to avoid busy waiting rooms filled with germs and get the care you need with our doctor on-demand service, all from Breezefast Medical.