Do I Need a Doctor to Treat a Sinus Infection?

With COVID-19 cases on the rise and cold and flu season in full swing, it’s perfectly normal to wonder whether it might be worth opting for a telehealth visit if you’ve got nothing more than a sinus infection.

However, will a telehealth visit be enough? Is a doctor able to help you get over a sinus infection, or is it better to treat yourself at home? Here is what you need to know about treating your sinus infection:

What are the Symptoms of a Sinus Infection?

Sinus infections often get confused for the common cold or other upper respiratory illnesses, making it hard to determine whether you should be seeking help from your local primary care provider. However, there are some symptoms that your doctor will always ask you about to diagnose a sinus infection:

In some cases, you might experience other symptoms, like eye pain, loss of vision, or an extreme fever. These symptoms are rare and often do require additional medical treatment to help treat.

When Should I See a Doctor?

A sinus infection is relatively common, and in many cases, it can resolve itself within one to two weeks. However, when a sinus infection lasts longer than ten days, it’s essential to seek medical advice since symptoms that last this long could indicate a bacterial sinus infection rather than a viral one.

When a virus causes a sinus infection, seeking out medical care will not do much good because there aren’t enough treatment options for viral infections beyond what you can do at home. However, when a bacterial infection causes the issue, it may need antibiotics to expedite recovery.

What Can I Do In the Meantime?

As uncomfortable as a sinus infection may be, it’s possible to treat some of the most painful symptoms at home to improve your quality of life. Until ten days have elapsed, you should try to drink as much water as possible, get enough rest, and use home remedies such as ibuprofen to relieve the pain.

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