What Should You Do if You Feel a Cold Coming On?

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

The common cold remains one of the most persistent ailments people suffer from throughout the year. They can come on at any time, without much warning, and the only way to fight a cold is to let it run its course — as we’ve been told. While there is still no definitive cure for the common cold, measures exist that you can take to help shorten your overall recovery. These remedies may not completely rid you of your cold, but they can work wonders at easing the associated cold symptoms.

The Right Supplements

When you first feel the cold coming on, the actions you take are the most important in determining how long you will recover. Taking elderberry and zinc supplements are necessary steps to help fight the infection. Elderberry supplements contain antiviral and antimicrobial properties that have been attributed to fighting off infectious viruses, while the right amount of zinc taken when you first feel a cold can help reduce your sickness by as much as a full day.

Stay Hydrated

Your body needs a steady supply of fluids to fight off the oncoming cold. Keeping yourself hydrated can help boost your immune system and reduce the length of your recovery. The most recommended options are water, decaffeinated tea, sports drinks, and sugar-free drinks. You’ll also want to avoid beverages that can worsen the effects of dehydration, such as coffee, caffeinated soda, and alcohol.

Rest for the Weary

One of the critical components that your body needs to fight infections consists of getting enough rest. It seems easy, right? Whether we put ourselves through a strenuous workout, pull an all-nighter for a school project, or refuse to take a day off when you need it, you overtax your immune system. Allowing your body to get rest is a requirement for adequately fighting off the incoming cold and reducing the recovery time.

A Stuffy Nose is an Uncomfortable Nose

Dealing with a stuffy nose is one of the worst parts of dealing with a cold. The impaired breathing, constant sneezing, and trouble sleeping make this one area that people want to clear up as quickly as possible. Some over-the-counter medicines can help reduce the stuffiness, such as saline nasal drops and nasal spray, which can prove beneficial.

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